Here’s my review on @maybellineproducts_ #masterchromehighlighter #curvitudeliner #superstaymatteink. Firstly I’d like to thank @caribbeanbeautyshop for the products love you love you love you! Go follow them guys- comfort of shopping from your home. Now for me, someone who is solely dependent on my glasses a wing was always a struggle to do on myself but I’ve found that with this curvitude pen the angle of the pen and the manner in which I hold my pen made lining my eyes and achieving a wing that much easier so for you newbies who would like to achieve an easy wing this pen is an awesome thing to use. It dries pretty quickly and it’s easy to wipe off if you make a mistake and it’s also dark enough that you don’t have to go over it with a gel liner or a liquid liner (unless you’re really extra). The superstay matte ink delivers on its name- it really does stay on with no transferring and it goes on very creamy and doesn’t dry on your lips to the point where you’re lips feel dry (but I still advise you apply a lip balm or moisturizer on your lips first) but all in all it is a nice product I may chose another color for myself next time because I had to mix it with another to get the desired color for this look. And FINALLY this masterchrome highlighter!My God! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this baby for months now and everyone I go to penny wise it’s sold out but thanks to @caribbeanbeautyshop I can get it without the hassle of going into a store for it😁😁😁. This baby had me beaming from ear to ear and rivals my Mac gold deposit (which is my personal fave) but it really is a beautiful highlighter than can work for all skin tones✨✨✨

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