FOUNDATION – @maybellinefitmefoundation in the shade 330 (toffee caramel) – This is my go-to foundation for daily use, it’s matte and poreless perfect for normal and oily skin. When I prime my face using the @maybelline baby skin face primer it’s the perfect combo. Long-lasting, keeps you matte for the entire day without any touch-ups whatsoever, it’s perfect for our climate here is the Caribbean and it also refines the pores.

LIQUID LINER – the @maybelline curvature liner traceur is an ultra-fine tip pen that I used for my wing liner, with one application the black is so visible another layer is not even necessary, it dries quickly, long-lasting, and doesn’t run, it’s also waterproof and easy to use.

HIGHLIGHTS – for those that know me personally, know how much I love to glow like a light bulb lol. The Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter is by far my favorite right now, it’s highly pigmented, glides easily using the right applicator brush, and keep you glowing all day long.

LIPS – The super stay matte ink liquid lipstick is indeed exactly what it says, I ate, drank, ate again lol and it did not move for almost 10 hours until I removed it myself, because it’s matte it is not advisable to use anything oil based on the lips before use (this will cause the lipstick to shift). It does not dry out the lips, it gives the lips a nice moist feeling and the scent OMG #loveit

These items and so much more can be found and purchased on the @caribbeanbeautyshop website and delivered straight to your door. Sign up today to take advantage of the monthly deals and discounts available on the site. Also, you can follow them on Instagram @caribbeanbeautyshop where you can find the link to the website 😘

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